Detta skrevs av @Milesupdates för att folk ska sluta gemföra Miley med Lohan. Men framförallt för oceanup. Som är en sida för kändisar och drivs av personer som inte ens gillar kändisarna de bloggar om. 

Skulle bli tacksam om ni läste detta:

Everyone needs to read this. As a Miley Cyrus fan and Lindsay Lohan fans its important for me to spread this message. The two girls are complete opposites which I love both dearly. There is clearly a huge difference between the two girls. People are constantly comparing Miley to Lindsay however they should take this into consideration. When Lindsay started doing drugs it started to affect her working ability. In fact when Lindsay was filming that one car movie, I think it was Derby or something she had a VERY hard time filming & drugs were taking over. Miley smoked salvia ONCE and yet she is doing AMAZING on set of her new movie “So UnderCover.” 

All Miley fans have been hearing is how great she has been doing & is working extra hard. Lindsay’s parents were both insane & still are. Lindsay was never taught to do better. Miley has Tish to love & support her. Also Miley knows better and has great family support behind her. So what if Miley smoked a bong? My sister is 18 and her friends do MUCH worse. Her friends smoke weed everytime they go to a party does that make them the next Lindsay too? NO! Miley is at that age where she is going to be tempted to try things and our job as fans is to support her & love her. 

Now as a Lindsay fan I take it VERY insulting how people constantly compare others to her. YES Lindsay makes mistakes and alot of them but she is a human being and NO ONE deserves what this poor girl goes through. I think everyone needs to realize how much both Lindsay and Miley go through & stop judging.
#StopTheHate please pass this along and help me get@OceanUp to read this & think about all the hate they spread.

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